Undergraduate Research Experience Placement (REP) Scheme – Soils

at One Planet Doctoral Partnership Scheme
Location Newcastle, United Kingdom
Date Posted 12/05/2022
Category Agriculture
Environment and Countryside
Job Type Temporary Vacancies
Closing Date Apply ASAP
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Placement title: What lies beneath: quantifying soil function in contrasting soils

ONE Planet offers a cohort-based doctoral training partnership at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities. The Natural and Environmental Research Council (NERC) funds the partnership.

Placement description:

Soils provide important ecosystem services that support human society, through provision of food and fibre, and clean air and water. However, we need to understand how different land management practices (eg. artificial lawns; urban greenspace; plastic waste disintegration) affect soil quality in terms of its physical, chemical and biological properties. Measuring soil quality can help us determine the impact of above ground processes on the underlying soil and its biodiversity; identify which ecosystem services are being affected; and so devise effective mitigation strategies to overcome anthropogenic impacts.

This project will focus on quantifying the impact of land uses/anthropogenic activities on the soil microbial community, using a respiration technique. The student will gain hands-on experience of fieldwork in ecology and environmental science at existing project fieldsites around Newcastle and in performing lab analyses for a range of soil properties. The student will be working in the ecology group within the Geography and Environmental Science department.

The objectives are:

  1. Conduct fieldwork to collect soil samples from a range of anthropogenic soils around Newcastle e.g. artificial lawns; urban greenspace; plastic decomposition study
  2. Compare soil quality of the samples using soil physical, chemical and biological properties

Develop a protocol for using microbial respiration to measure soil function in contrasting soil types.

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