Business Development & Store Manager

at Chettle Village Store
Location North Dorset, United Kingdom
Date Posted 17/02/2021
Category Business and Marketing
Job Type Full-Time Vacancies
Closing Date 05/03/2021


How to Apply

Chettle Village Store is a unique shop in a tiny village in North Dorset. It is just over 1km from the main Salisbury to Blandford road. There are 8 very large signs along the road that direct people to the shop, advertising our popular ‘award winning’ pies, health foods, playground and toilet, amongst other things. We are the only visible shop on the 23 mile stretch between the 2 towns so it can be busy, especially during the summer.

The owner, Alice Favre, is a keen environmentalist, always trying to find ways to reduce humanity’s impact on nature and the planet. However she also wants to be a shop which isn’t elitist and only sells food that is out of reach on a living wage budget. This is difficult in a time when the supermarkets control the food and drink prices and we are threatened by cheap food imports.

We are looking for a full-time manager to help implement some big, new changes. As mentioned above, we think the shop is worth expanding; with the world finally turning its attention to the environment and local, ethical food we feel that smaller, independent shops are about to become a more important part of the future. People need to have more of a connection with their food again and to be able to buy local and seasonal products whilst still being able to get their whole weekly shop under one roof.

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