Area Sales Specialist – England (Flexible hours)

at Van Vulpen Veevoeders
Location Nationwide, United Kingdom
Date Posted 03/01/2024
Category Agriculture
Job Type Full-Time Vacancies
Closing Date Apply ASAP
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How to Apply

Van Vulpen Veevoeders is an agricultural-focused trading company based in the Netherlands.

Our unique approach involves collaborating with food-producing factories, turning their waste products into valuable resources for agriculture. For example, we've successfully repurposed orange peels from juice factories as feed for dairy stock. By doing so we can make waste products valuable again, helping companies save on waste costs and giving farmers the opportunity to increase their revenue by boosting their milk output.

Expanding to the UK, we've established a presence in the south, working with a local factory producing orange juice. Our focus is on utilizing citrus pulp, a by-product, as sustainable cattle feed.

While well-received in the Netherlands, we recognize the need to further introduce this concept to the UK agricultural sector. We are therefore in search of a dynamic student passionate about agriculture to develop the English market for our by-products. 

The role

This role is offered on a full or part time basis. It offers students a lot of freedom, which is good, but it also means you need to handle that freedom the right way. It might be tough at the start because you have to build a network from scratch and handle many rejections. But if you can keep going, it will be satisfying. It's like a flywheel: at first, you have to work hard, but once it starts going, it gets easier in the long run. 

For full details please see downloads and to apply, scan the QR code to complete a short form with your details.

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