Woodland Project Developers x2 – North

at Pryor & Rickett Silviculture
Location Homebased, United Kingdom
Date Posted 14/09/2021
Category Agriculture
Environment and Countryside
Land Management and Surveying
Job Type Temporary Vacancies
Closing Date 30/09/2021
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How to Apply

Pryor and Rickett Silviculture manage over 35,000 hectares of woodland throughout Great Britain. The properties managed are remarkably diverse, ranging from species rich ancient broadleaved woods to extensive conifer plantations, and from small farm woodlands to whole estates.

After a record year throughout the country, we seek 2 Woodland Project Developers in regions of:

• Cumbria
• Staffordshire / Cheshire

2 year-fixed term, full time positions will be focused on creating links with existing woodland owners who are underutilising their woodlands.

Project Brief:

The project aims to increase the number of woodlands which are under active management and in doing so increase their biodiversity and economical resilience. These roles will be home based reporting to our Carlisle and Shropshire Offices.

The manager will focus on developing relationships and prospects with owners and or agents / land managers in the larger woodlands within target areas.

Targeting work will involve:

• Developing a landowner information pack.
• Targeted meetings with Land agents / Farm management contacts to follow up, identify and contact owners through rural networks
• Follow up meetings to inspect / visit owners and woodlands
• Gather information in relation to owner objectives and specific woodland metrics to support;
o The creation of a simple management plans, utilising the MyForest platform
o Development of budget proposals including grants/timber income and woodland expenditure

For full details please see download.

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