Employer Wednesday: IPL

A Conversation With: Sarah Matthews, Claire Morris and Pete Lawrie from IPL

“At IPL our role is very clear. We are here to improve the value, quality and availability of our products whilst also lowering the cost of goods to Asda and Walmart so they can pass on these savings to customers around the world. Our mission of creating a unique supply base capability enables us to support Asda and Walmart’s Mission to ‘Save Money Live Better’. We are the second largest privately owned food processing business in the UK. With over 4000 colleagues we are currently spread over ten UK sites and several country offices that span five of the seven continents. But we don’t plan to stop there. As our journey progresses we look to continue evolving and growing by seeking new business opportunities and utilising our expertise to save Asda and Walmart customer’s money every day”

Sarah, Claire and Pete represented IPL at our Careers Fair on 29th November and shared with us their advice for students.

What you would say are the top 3 skills your company looks for?

  • Trailblazing – We are a fast-paced business within a dynamic industry, so it is important that our Colleagues are adaptable to new environments and challenges
  • Engaging – enthusiasm and communication are very important to us, to engage with other Colleagues and the business itself
  • Principled – We are part of the Walmart family, and value open and honest people who do the right thing every day.

How would you define “work ready” and how can students prepare for graduate work?
Always be ready for a challenge and never stop asking questions. Throw yourself into every opportunity that comes your way and look at each day as a chance to learn.

What’s the biggest mistake a person can make in an interview?
Appearing disinterested and not engaging with the interviewer.

What advice would you give to recent graduates or those about to finish university?
Be open and take every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to future employers and explore new avenues you may not have previously considered.

What’s your top tip when preparing for an interview?
Initially have some understanding of the company and an idea of questions you may want to ask prior to the interview. During the interview process, be yourself and engage with the interviewer. Listen to each question and take your time to think about your answers.

Do you have any motivational advice for our students?
Don’t feel as though your degree limits you to one path – just because you are leaving University it doesn’t mean that the learning ends there!

Thanks for your time! To find out more about IPL, click here: http://www.ipl-ltd.com/#careers