Employer Wednesday: IPF

A Conversation With: Max Daffron and Alex McIntosh from IPF

IPF are the UK’s  leading independent precision farming service provider, giving farmers  access to the highest resolution satellite imagery commercially available in the UK. IPF’s revolutionary seeCrop app was launched in 2015 and allows farmers to view satellite imager, aiding crop walking, and record areas of damage helping to target sprays and nitrogen. IPF are an innovative and fast growing company always on the look out to employ enthusiastic graduates who are passionate about agriculture and interested in working with some of the UK’s top farmers.

Max and Alex represented IPF at our Careers Fair on 22nd November and shared with us their advice for students.

What you would say are the top skills your company looks for?
Confidence- to go and talk to the farmers.
Self motivation- you will need to manage your own workload and region.
Interpersonal skills/communications in order to deliver presentations.

How would you define “work ready” and how can student prepare for graduate work?
To have a knowledge of the industry, be ready to learn, interested in the company and have had some work experience under your belt.

What’s the biggest mistake someone can make in an interview?
Being late! First impressions really do matter!
Being unprepared and be informed about the company.

What advice would you give to recent graduates or those about to finish university?
Try to get some experience and have done some voluntary work, become informed.

What’s your top tip when preparing for an interview?
Do your research!

Thanks for your time guys! To find out more about IPF, click here: http://www.ipf-uk.com/precision-farming/careers/careers.html