Employer Wednesday: For Farmers

A Conversation With: Erik and Helen from ForFarmers

ForFarmers is the United Kingdom’s leading animal feed manufacturer. Manufacturing, selling and distributing over two million tonnes of animal feed per year, the company provides UK-wide coverage across all livestock species groups. The company employs 1000 staff, operates 12 compound feed manufacturing sites and six blending plants. It markets dry, moist and liquid feeds as well as seeds, fertiliser and forage additives.

Erik and Helen represented ForFarmers at our Careers Fair on 22nd November and shared with us their advice for students.

Have you employed students from RAU before, and if so, how do they differ to other graduates?
Yes – we’ve found that RAU students are very proud of the institution and graduates are good advocates of the university to other people.

What you would say are the top skills your company looks for?
Skills; nutritional awareness, ability to self-organise, maths/ability to read numbers
Personal characteristics; ambition, reliability, determination

How would you define “work ready” and how can student prepare for graduate work?
Take a placement year and get an impression of how it is to work within a real company.
Be self-organised, determined, and able to work within a team.

What’s the biggest mistake someone can make in an interview?
Being late! And being inconsistent of desired career direction.

What advice would you give to recent graduates or those about to finish university?
During study get involved with as many committees as possible. Also get as many different experiences as possible including travel, work and volunteering. Don’t hold back but ring people/companies if you want something done.

What’s your top tip when preparing for an interview?
Read through the company’s website and prepare questions to ask during the interview.

Cheesy, but do you have an inspirational quote or song that has helped you in your career to stay motivated?
Helen: “Keep calm and carry on”
Erik: “Persist in everything you do, because in the end you will get lucky”

Thanks for your time guys!

To find out more about ForFarmers, click here: http://www.forfarmers.co.uk