Employer Wednesday: A Conservation with Dawn Meats

A Conversation With: Mark Allan from Dawn Meats

Dawn Meats is a premium meat processor and supplier of choice for a range of leading supermarket, foodservice and restaurant businesses. Established in 1980, Dawn Meats is an industry leader with annual revenues of over €1bn, employing over 3,300 staff in 12 countries and exporting to over 40 countries. A family owned business, Dawn Meats remain true to its farming heritage through the close relationships forged with over 20,000 farmers in the UK and Ireland. Processing more than half a million cattle, 800,000 sheep and 300,000 tonnes of meat products per annum, Dawn Meats works with some of the world’s leading food businesses.

Mark represented Dawn Meats at our Careers Fair on 29th November and shared with us his advice for students.

What you would say are the top 3 skills your company looks for?
Problem solving
Self Motivation

How would you define “work ready” and how can student prepare for graduate work?
Some work experience during holidays is a good idea. Thereafter it’s about being ready for some hard work and focus and being prepared to continue learning.

What’s the biggest mistake a person can make in an interview?
Trying to answer a question you don’t know they answer to.

What advice would you give to recent graduates or those about to finish university?
Have an open mind on your career path and be prepared to work hard.

What’s your top tip when preparing for an interview?
Research the organisation, try to find and talk to someone who knows about them

Do you have any motivational advice for our students?
Always look on the bright side of life!

Thanks for your time Mark! To find out more about Dawn Meats, click here: https://www.dawnmeats.com/